Home Sessions [EP]

by Cameron King

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I wanted to make available some sort of first "project" of my songwriting for my friends and family. These represent a handful of my best songs recorded across 2006-2010 (though some of them written before that). I recorded and mixed them all at home, so the recordings are definitely firmly in the "amateur" category, but I hope you enjoy them. One day (hopefully soon) I'll re-record them with a full band and have them professionally mixed and mastered, along with other songs people have seemed to enjoy.


released August 1, 2010

© 2010



all rights reserved


Cameron King Asheville, North Carolina

Took piano lessons as a kid. Married a fiddle-playin' girl. Enjoy open mics & other funky venues. Joining the Song that holds the universe together.

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Track Name: I Needed You
How can I describe to you an overflowing heart?
A bittersweet fool without a clue where he should start
Or maybe this heart's already speaking for itself
'Cause it's on my sleeve and never has been anywhere else
And the heart of the matter is that you really matter to my heart

Oh, my friends I needed you
When my heart was torn in two
All your faces swirl 'round me
And fill the spaces in my memory

And I can't remember all you've said or all you've done
But I can still hear your voices, clear as noonday sun
I know just the way it feels to look into your eyes
And see such a warmth that always takes me by surprise
And all of your sweetness has become a true presence in my heart

Which often seems like a dream
With all the years in between
My Lord, has it really been so long
Since I was running around
The world, my playground
An oblivious kid who had to sing this song:

I'm just a boy in the woods
Who never could find his way back home
Without you taking my hand
'Cause you understand I'd never make it alone

Oh, my sweet, sweet friends I needed you, I needed you
When my bleeding heart was torn in two
All your lovely faces are always swirling 'round me
And filling all the spaces in my fading memory
Track Name: Darling Love
You are my darling love
You make the world bright
Just as the sun above
Gives the whole world light
Oh I love you so

You are my darling love
You give me clearer sight
Just as the moon above
Shines in the darkest night
Oh I need you so

You are my darling love
You help me know what’s right
Just as the stars above
Guide us from greatest height
I’ll never let you go

You are my darling love
You make the world bright
Oh I love you so

You are my darling love
Track Name: Your Love Is
How can I describe a thing
So wonderful as Your love for me
All I have are the things I see
All around, You’re in everything

Your love is like the ocean
Deeper than I imagined
Stretching from the horizon to me
Your love is like the mountain
Steadfast and firm to stand on
Lifting me up till You’re all I see

Plunge me deep, wash me clean
Take me far across the sea
Fly me high, let me be
Where blue and blue forever meet

And even when the ocean dries
And even when the mountain falls
Your love remains
Track Name: Constant
When I can't remember who I am
You know my name, You know my name
When I get so lost inside my head
You are the way, You are the way

And one day, like vapor, I'll fade away

O constant, never changing One
When night falls, You're still blazing like the sun
O present, never failing Love
When I fall, You're still reigning from above

When I turn around and I'm alone
You still are here, You still are here
When I stumble out into the dark
You are the light, You are the light

You are the light that never goes out
You shine though darkness is all around
So when we face the deepest of night
We lift our eyes and look to the light

When all of my loved ones go away
You are so close, You are so close
When my time has finally come to pass
You are my hope, You are my hope
Track Name: For What It's Worth
I love you for what you've done
There's nothing that you cannot redeem
You conquered and victory won
You came back and rescued me

But at what cost?
How immeasurable the value of your loss?
And how precious was the jewel from your own hand?
I can never understand, but…

I won't waste it, I won't waste it, no
I'll take it for what it's worth
You saved me, you gave me life
I'll take it for what it's worth to you

I love you 'cause you loved me
You showed me by laying down your life
Your heart stopped; mine began to beat
You died and I came alive

And can it be?
That you would make yourself a slave to set me free?
That you would give your all so I would never lack
I can never pay it back, but…

Could I do anything for you?
Something, anything I could give?
But all I have, everything I am
You gave, even this life I live

I won't waste it, I won't waste it, no
I'll take it for what it's worth
You changed me, you made me new
I'll take it for what it's worth to you

I love you 'cause you loved me
Track Name: Oh God, You Came [LIVE]
What would you do if somebody died for you?
Died so that you could live
What would you say to someone who paid your way?
With what you could not give
Would you say thank you, thank you, thank you
Could you say thank you too many times?
Would you say take me, take me, take me
Take my whole life, it's no longer mine

Jesus, You have died and risen!

Oh God, You came for me, my broken life to heal
And in the greatness of Your grace reveal Your glory
I have but one response, for how could I deny
A love that crossed the stars only to die and save me
I surrender all to You

And if the curse was suddenly all reversed
And I felt my heart go free
And if the One who fixed all that I've undone
Was here in this room with me
I would say thank you, thank you, thank you
Couldn't say thank you too many times
I would say take me, take me, take me
Take my whole life, it's no longer mine

Kindness I could not imagine
Grace so deep, I cannot fathom
Mercy from the throne of Heaven
Jesus, You have died and risen!

All to You, all to You...